TRANSPAC Concrete Float Systems

US Coast Guard Ketchikan
For years, Transpac has listened carefully to the needs of project owners and engineers, and our name has become synonymous with industry-leading innovations in concrete floats for exposed and demanding environments.  Working in concert with Concrete Technology Corporation – the West Coast leader in high-performance precast and pre-stressed concrete structures – we design and produce a brawny float that’s well suited to the unique challenges of Puget Sound and Alaskan waters and weather.  

We understand the need for heavily reinforced concrete that won’t crumble into beach gravel under the stress of winter’s freeze-thaw cycles.  We design higher freeboard and non-wearing, non-rusting, non-rotting connections and structural elements.  

As with all Transpac projects, the design elements of a concrete dock project are tailored specifically for the site and its intended usage.

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