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Owner:  Hoonah Cruise Ship Dock LLC
Contractor:  Turnagain Marine Construction
Location:  Icy Strait Point, Hoonah, AK

Design Features:
  • Bidder-design, engineer and manufacture floating steel-pipe pontoon system
  • Float measures 400’ x 50’ and is designed with withstand severe wave and wind activity
  • Designed for 14.5’ waves with 5.4 second period in 139mph winds in its unladen state
  • Fabricated in multiple sections for transportability
  • 10’-diameter pontoons were assembled in the dry, and the dock was towed to the project site as a single unit
  • Dock is designed to accommodate 4000-passenger cruise ship vessels in excess of 1000’ in length with a nominal sail area of 143,000 square feet, imparting a berthing energy of 535,000 ft-lbs
  • Deck of the float sits at 8’ freeboard to facilitate simple and safe passenger movement on and off the cruise ships
Date Completed:  2015


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