Diablo Lake Fuel & Tour Floats

Float Type: Steel Frame
Owner: Seattle City Light
Owner’s Representative:  TRANSPAC MARINAS
Location: Diablo, WA
Date Completed: 2018

Design Features:
Bidder-design, engineer and manufacture steel pipe pontoon system utilizing 42”-diameter pipe for primary structural and flotation medium; includes Alaska Yellow Cedar glulam decking support stringers and additional flotation provided by HDPE float drums. Tour Boat Moorage Float measures 24’x50’; and Fuel Float measures 15’x40’; each with 24” freeboard. System designed with user safety and maintenance in mind; FRP grated decking is ADA compliant; galvanized steel pipe handrail system around the perimeter of the Tour Boat Float; Fuel Float incorporates continuous steel tray for fuel containment including catch basins for placement of oil absorbent boom material.

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