Hoonah Cruise Terminal

Float Type: Steel Frame
Owner: Hoonah Cruise Ship Dock LLC
Contractor: Turnagain Marine Construction
Location: Icy Strait Point, Hoonah, AK
Date Completed: 2015

Design Features:
Bidder-design, engineer and manufacture floating steel-pipe pontoon system
Float measures 400’ x 50’ and is designed with withstand severe wave and wind activity
Designed for 14.5’ waves with 5.4 second period in 139mph winds in its unladen state
Fabricated in multiple sections for transportability
10’-diameter pontoons were assembled in the dry, and the dock was towed to the project site as a single unit
Dock is designed to accommodate 4000-passenger cruise ship vessels in excess of 1000’ in length with a nominal sail area of 143,000 square feet, imparting a berthing energy of 535,000 ft-lbs
Deck of the float sits at 8’ freeboard to facilitate simple and safe passenger movement on and off the cruise ships

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