Alyeska Valdez Marine Terminal – Small Boat Harbor

Float Type: Steel Frame
Owner: Alyeska Pipeline Service Company
Contractor: Turnagain Marine Construction
Location: Valdez, AK
Date Completed: 2018

Design Features:
Bidder-design, engineer and manufacture tubular steel framed float system utilizing HDPE pipe pontoon for flotation. The cylindrical flotation shape and grated steel-bar decking surface readily allows snowfall to pass does not permit build-up of snow, water and debris, eliminating below-deck accumulation of these elements. Steel decking also incorporates a “serrated” edge for maximum traction and user safety.

The individual float sections are very stiff, both in bending and torsion, for maximum stability. The float sections are allowed to articulate at the connections by use of a time-tested connection method. Float-to-float connections are designed to accommodate extreme wind/wave conditions and to transfer anticipated loads between float sections. Connections are designed to be frictionless, noiseless, non-wearing and easily replaceable should any maintenance ever be required.

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